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Newer Desk Sets

Last Updated Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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 Please rely on the pictures for detailed shots of any cracks, patched holes, or other flaws, which may not be identified in the description text.

None of our Newer desk sets have been tested, unless otherwise indicated; all are sold "as is" 


Tag No.

Brand Name



Asking Price




#3805 is an AT&T touch tone wall phone, model 2554 BMPB. The ivory phone is dated 1984, and has not been tested to see if it works. There are no chips or cracks in the phone. The long cord is ash in color. The phone has a modular back plate.




ITT Own-A-Phone  

ITT Own-a-phone round base, yellow (circa 1970-1980). The phone is marked with a sticker on the base (see pix). Plastic parts in good condition, no cracks, some discolored areas (see pix); should clean up nicely. The phone rings in and calls out.

This Desk Phone has not been tested.





ITT Own-a-phone oval base, yellow (circa 1970-1980).  The phone is marked with the manufacturer’s name on the base (see pix).  The plastic parts are in good condition with no cracks, but some discolored areas (see pix); the phone should clean up nicely.  The phone rings in and calls out; the retainer prong is broken off of the modular plug.  This Desk Phone has not been tested.




Radio Shack

# 3806 is an Radio Shack cordless DuoFone with 30 memory speed dialing, model ET-475, catalog # 43-572B. NICAD battery is dead. The set, cord and handset are in like new condition. No instruction booklet accompanies the phone.




Western Electric (Sold)


# 0623 is a Western Electric Bell System, white, rotary Princess phone; the model number is 702BM. It works fine. There is no transformer for the dial light; the phone is dated 1978. The cords are in good condition, with no cracks or chips. There is a slight yellow discoloration on the housing at the lower left of the dial.




Western Electric 


#3807 is a Western Electric Touch Tone Trimline, model 2223. The phone is a modular, burnt orante Trimline touch tone with LED lighted dial pad. We tested the phone and it works OK. It has a long colored mounting cord, and a new receiver cord.