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Purchasing Information:

  1. Once you have located an item in which you are interested, be sure to double click on the "thumb-nail" picture shown by the text description. Double clicking will link you to a large number of detail pictures of your item. When taking these pictures, we endeavor to include shots of all accessible parts of the item; our goal is to show the condition in which the item is offered for sale and the features and/or parts that are included. Each item on our site is offered for sale as pictured in these detail shots and as listed in each individual text description. If purchased, the item will come to you in the condition pictured in the detail shots (unless of course, there is damage in shipment, which is beyond our control). We are more than willing to have our "Technical Advisors" examine the item(s) for you and give you their "opinions and observations."  We would also be glad to take more pictures of specific parts of the telephone for you to view prior to your purchase.   We would like for you to have ALL your questions satisfied, --before your purchase.  As always, you are free to travel to St. Louis, Missouri (USA) to make a personal inspection of the phone in which you have expressed an interest, before you decide to purchase.
  2. Send e-mail to Phones For Sale indicating the items that you wish to purchase; the important information to include would be the phone’s tag number and “type”.
  3. Once you have committed to purchasing the phone, and a price has been agreed upon, the following information will be e-mailed to you.  
    • Name to put on the Cashier's Check or Money Order
    • Address of where to send the Cashier's Check or Money Order
    • Shipping Information and expenses
    • Contact Phone Numbers.
    • The phone will be withheld from other buyers for two weeks from the time that the original purchaser made the commitment to buy the item, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed to by the buyer and seller.  If after two weeks, a cashier's check or Money Order for the price of the phone plus shipping expenses has not been received by us, the phone will again be available to other buyers. We make every effort to reestablish contact with the original purchaser; if contact cannot be reestablished, we will be free to offer the item(s) to others.
  4. Once the cashier's check or money order has been received the phone will be shipped in timely fashion to the purchaser.  Please provide us a mailing address and a daytime and evening phone where you can be reached.

    We estimate that the phone should be shipped within one or two business days of receiving your payment.


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