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"Wish List"

To add your items to the list, send e-mail to The Phones

Due to logistics problems, it is impossible to catalog all of our merchandise and get it up on the web all at once.  As phones listed on the website sell, we will process additional phones for your viewing pleasure.

There are approximately 3,000 phones available, not including parts.  We are much more equipped at this time to respond to your inquiries about antique telephones than about parts.   Hopefully we have the item that you are looking for, but it is just inaccessible at this time.

We have started a "Wish List" for items that we have just not been able to access yet. If you will email your “wish list” items to us, we will keep a record of your request and email you ASAP when they are located.   The person requesting a “Wish List” item has “first chance” to purchase the item; if an agreement cannot be reached, then the item will be offered to others.   

We will be glad to put your items on our "Wish list", and when we come across them during our travels "through the stacks," we will contact you ASAP.  Please view our home page push button labeled "the warehouse" and you can better see what we are up against as we search for your particular item.