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Please be advised that our pictures show each phone as it is being sold, and only with the features detailed in the pictorial and text descriptions. At this time, we cannot function as a "parts finding service." The buyer bears a responsibility to research and become familiar with, the "correct" features of the item which he/she desires to acquire.  If our picture clearly shows that certain "correct" features do not appear in an item listing, then the "correct" features are not being offered for sale on that phone. If this is the case, then the seller's listing price, and the buyer's offer to buy should reflect these "shortages" that they see in the phone.

We would be willing to have our Phone Addict friend go over the item for you and give his "opinions and observations"; and we would be glad to take more pix of specific parts of the phone for you to view prior to purchasing.   We would like for you to have ALL your questions satisfied, --before purchasing--.  As always, you are free to travel to St. Louis to make a personal inspection of the phone(s) in which you have expressed an interest, before you decide to purchase."

 Please rely on the pictures for detailed shots of any cracks, patched holes, or splits in the wood or other flaws, which may not be identified in the description text.